In this video, Gary Chillingworth explains how to move forward when you've hit a wall with your shooting - or in his words, when you suddenly start to suck at shooting!

In this episode of Shooting & Country TV, Gary Chillingworth looks at what do when you suck all of a sudden (his choice of words!).

Gary looks at reasons why your gun can start shooting like a blunderbuss, as well as the reasons we as shooters can hit peaks and troughs with our shooting ability.

We also look a human factors like nutrition and fatigue, and how this affects the body and, consequently, our ability to shoot accurately to the best of our ability.

If you've hit a block with your shooting and seem to have lost your mojo, watch this video and see if Gary can diagnose and help you to work through the problem. (We are also back in the conservatory where the fateful spring went AWOL in a previous episode... let's hope it survives!)