Does it really take over 120 years of experience to create a world-beating scope? Only if it carries the name ‘Kahles’

Kahles Ltd. was established in 1898 when two Viennese optic powerhouses, the Simon Pl?ssl Company and the Opto-Mechanical Workshop, joined forces to establish the Kahles Company. It flourished under the leadership of Karl Robert Kahles, and since 1983 Kahles has taken its place as an independent company within the Swarovski Optik group, at a state-of-the-art development and production facility in Austria.


At Kahles’ headquarters, the focus is set firmly on combining technical knowledge and user insight to produce the highest standard of performance for the modern shooter. Kahles’ technicians share the drive and passion of their customers continually to enhance performance, and the world-beating result of the unique Kahles’ formula can literally be seen in the K 318 i 3.5-18 x 50 sporting scope.


The K 318 i has been designed, developed and constructed around ‘smart simplicity’, a system of simple, intuitive, and entirely practical features that serve their user to the highest standard. Take the scope’s ‘Twist Guard’ facility, for instance. This turret protection system prevents unwanted adjustment of the scope’s windage settings from the inevitable knocks and impacts of the shooting environment. The goal is to have a turret that is immediately accessible and adjustable by the user, yet impervious to accidental movement. All sorts of covers and locking systems have been tried over the years and all resulted in compromise, until Kahles developed the Twist Guard. Now, a solid metal guard protects the turret, yet leaves it instantly accessible and adjustable. This is smart simplicity in action, and it’s backed by so much more. Watch the video and see for yourself the incredible result of over 120 years of optical excellence.


.: Compact and lightweight rifle scope with wide field of view and high contrast image

.: Absolutely reliable repeat accuracy and precise, clearly defined click mechanism

.: Optional left or right side windage turret placement

.: Innovative Twist Guard turret protection system (patented)

.: Parallax wheel integrated into the elevation turret (patented)

.: Precise illuminated reticles in the first focal plane