In the eighth episode of our air rifle hunting series on Shooting & Country TV (S&C TV), Mick Garvey is back out on the rabbits, and this time the goal is to reduce the population, to reduce the dangerous holes they are leaving everywhere in fields where race horses graze.

If a horses' foot goes down a rabbit hole, the chances are the horse could break its leg, and sadly, almost every time a horse breaks a leg it results in the animal being euthanized - not because they lose the ability to work, but because the blood supply to the legs is not great enough for the injury to heal. Attempts to heal broken legs in horses often result in gangrene and delayed death. Hence, all efforts to prevent serious injury to horses' legs must be made, and controlling rabbit populations to reduce the amount of holes created in the horses' fields is a vital part of those efforts.

Mick takes us to see the race horse owner first and explain the need for control of the rabbits, before heading out to do what he does best. Armed with an air rifle, and some top notch thermal and night vision kit, it's man against bunny once again! See how he gets on in this episode of Shooting & Country TV!


Air rifle: Air Arms S510 Tactical in .25 FAC 

Thermal scope and spotter: Pulsar Axion XQ38 spotter, Pulsar Talion XQ38 scope

Pellets: RWS Superdome field line pellets, 31g, .25 

Clothing: Shooter King Forest Mist digital camo jacket and trousers

Accessories: RWS Zebrawood knife, Quake portable seat