Parallax non-adjustable and set to 100 yards? What am I thinking? OK, my test scope here is admittedly designed with firearms in mind, first and foremost, yet several factors make it an exciting purchase for airguns, whichever way you look at it. So bear with me on this!

Bushnell AR Optics 1-6 x 24 scopePure Pedigree

Firstly, we have the famous Bushnell logo on the side, and anyone who’s encountered this famous American brand will appreciate that they are synonymous with quality. Secondly, the overall specification is such that this scope remains a highly usable product in an airgun scenario. That small 24mm objective lens means less parallax error for a start, and the variable magnification of between 1x- up through to 6x, allows for target acquisition and sharp clarity regardless.

So, here we go. Inside the box, alongside the scope, there are Allen keys, lens cloth, an additional long-magnification throw lever, and elasticated lens caps. One minor source of irritation comes from the fact that Bushnell don’t include an instruction booklet, choosing to point the user toward their website instead. OK, many of us are familiar with functionality and set-up, but I would still prefer hard copy in my hand, for instant easy reference.

Bushnell AR Optics 1-6 x 24 scopeFirst Impressions

The AR has an air of quality, and at just over 10 inches in length, this is a super-compact tool, to enhance many a rig. Fully multi-coated lenses are all part of the reassuring spec’ alongside Bushnell’s guarantee, but it’s that low mag’, low-profile ticket that makes this scope so ideal, for  quick target acquisition, and uncluttered approach. Look to the magnification collar, and you’ll notice the throw lever built in, which not only neatly folds away, but can also be extended by 15mm, by replacing the rubber head with the longer version.

Impressive Visuals

Low mag’ means a super-wide field of view; combine that with Bushnell’s BTR-1 reticle, and you have the option of illumination at the twiddle of the rheostat control, all built in to the left turret. Six brightness levels in red are available, and there are alternate  ‘off’ stages, for a quick shut down. The BTR-1 design is actually refreshingly simple, which all adds to that ‘point and play’ feel. The bold outer ring draws the eye to the target, whilst the fairly fine central dot adds refinement and precision. Lower aim points are included, and whilst these are graduated for greater distances, they actually fall perfectly to provide relevant markers for airgun use. 

Bushnell AR Optics 1-6 x 24 scopeProper Proportions

The trend for chunky, high-profile, ‘tactical’ turrets on many airgun-designated scopes, is to me rather irritating, and whilst it is the manufacturers keeping customers happy and catering for market trends, in reality, they simply aren’t necessary much of the time, on a scope which is destined to be zeroed, then not adjusted for the duration. Those huge turrets can interfere with the effectiveness of a padded case, too, when the overall OD is so wide that it equals that of the padding inside. So, I’m happy to say that the low-profile turrets on offer here are perfect for this style of scope. With caps off, movement is entirely finger-friendly, whilst click values are 1/10mil, and the clicks are super-positive and audible, too. 

Bushnell AR Optics 1-6 x 24 scope
On The Range

The 30mm body tube necessitates appropriate mounts, and with that parallel sided slimline 24mm objective up front, there’s plenty of room to get the position of the mounts just right, with little restriction. I zeroed the AR over 25yds, and then ran my standard test of adjusting and moving the shot around the corners of a grid – effectively testing the tracking. All came in on point for the record, precise and repeatable. Caps back on, and you’re all set for action. 

In use, that uncluttered reticle just promotes easy, precise shooting, and whilst the parallax setting isn’t technically set to the closer distances, in use, it was hard to argue with results – tight groups and a highly usable sight picture. Admittedly, winding down to lower mag’ settings is always going to be a get out clause for clarity, but I shot on the full 6x and image quality is still hard to fault, with sharpness edge-to-edge, and a vivid bright picture. Don’t forget Bushnell’s renowned lens coating in back-up, too, against the elements, with raindrop dispersal and more, all part of the spec. 


In short then, many of these ARs will end up on assault rifles, and the clue’s in the name, but it’s that very compactness that holds such transferable appeal across disciplines. Plenty to get excited about then for a quality hunting, or general use optic, and a realistic asking price, too. 

Tech specs

Model: Bushnell AR 1-6  X 24
Manufacturer: Bushnell
Magnification: 1-6x variable
Objective Lens Diameter: 24mm
Focal Plane: Second
Reticle: BTR-1 
Illumination: Yes
Linear Field of View: 100 ft– 16ft @100yds  (variable with mag)
Weight: 16.5oz
Eye Relief: 3.6”
Click Values: .1mil @100yds
Body Tube: 30mm
Parallax distance: 100yds
Length: 10.2inches
Turret Type: Low-profile, screw cap, finger-friendly
Clicks Per Rotation: 60 on both turrets 
Number of turret revol:  7.5 windage and 7.25 elevation
Contact: Edgar Brothers 
RRP: £366