Our esteemed editor, Terry Doe, reviews the Zeiss Conquest V4 riflescope - a scope that could make you a better shooter, and that is perfect for airgunners...

Not so many years ago, any scope with a magnification range above 12 x was considered a target sight. Through testing a wide range of scopes, I soon learned that high quality telescopic sights with higher magnification could actually improve my performance in the field. Here’s how it works, using an extremely high quality scope, the Zeiss Conquest V4 6-24 x 50

credit: Archant

The Zeiss Conquest V4 has high-magnification
The first major benefit of higher magnification comes with pinpoint zeroing. Using the Conquest on 12-mag’ to begin with, I soon had an approximate zero established on a paper target set at 35 yards. Even at half-power, the Zeiss optics are impressive, but cranking the zoom to its maximum of 24 x really shows the quality of this scope’s glass, and here’s where that hi-mag performance really comes into its own. 

Under the right conditions, with this scope set at 24 times magnification, not only can I see each .177 pellet land, but I can also see the fibres of the target card exposed as the pellet clips a ‘one-hole’ group. This allows a degree of fine-tuning to my zero that significantly increases my confidence, especially on longer shots with FAC-rated rifles. 

Not only that, the pure optical clarity of a scope like this helps me better define pellet performance, which is vital when trying to find the best brand and type for a particular rifle. 

Yes, of course this is top-end stuff, but the Conquest V4 is a top-end scope, so it makes sense to me to get the most out what it costs to have its features on my side. Besides, there’s also the simple, priceless pleasure of hitting tiny targets on the training range, which also goes toward that essential confidence-building process, of course. Finally, this ‘nth degree approach makes the very most of your potential in the field, and why wouldn’t any shooter not want that?

Possibly the greatest advantage of having a high-magnification scope in your armoury, is its ability to improve radically your entire shooting technique. Stand by for one of my ‘things’ about the way some people shoot.

Time and again, when I’m coaching a shooter, they tell me that they shoot on low magnification, ‘because when I turn up the mag’, I wobble.’ No apologies if you’ve heard this before, because it often takes more than one lesson for this particular message to hit home.

The fact is, nothing changes at all when you dial down that magnification. You don’t stop wobbling, you just kid yourself that you’re more stable. Better by far to dial UP that magnification, and let the scope zoom in on where you’re going wrong, so you can fix it. 

credit: Archant

Use the Zeiss Conquest V4 to improve your shooting!
Again, what follows requires a desire to perform to the best of your ability, so here’s where you decide just how good you really want to be. Begin by turning up the mag’ to roughly twice that of your usual preference, and go through your normal pre-shot technique. Then, if you really are wobbling all over the place, it’s time to address the basics, and to make the changes required.

Does your rifle fit you properly, or are you making do? If it’s the latter, your next move defines the level of your commitment to excellence, and if you own a scope like the Zeiss Conquest V4, that level should already be defined. 

Once your rifle is fitting you as it should, and you’re still not satisfied with your on-aim stability, ask yourself if you need to make changes to your technique … and work hard to bring these in. Sometimes, a good basic technique may simply need to be bolstered by a supportive shooting jacket and a sturdy pair of boots. 

Whatever the problem and whatever the fix, ramping up that scope magnification will point it out and give you the chance to fix it – and that’s a massive benefit, however you look at it.

credit: Archant

Final opinion on the Zeiss Conquest V4
This Zeiss Conquest V4 6-24 x 50 can be anything a sporting airgunner wants it to be. It’s expensive, but its performance, reliability, features line-up and, yes, the pleasure of using and owning it, really do make your shooting world a better place. It can also help to make you a better shooter – and I believe it’s worth every penny.

Zeiss V4 features explained

  • LotuTec – a lens coating process that shrugs off water droplets and provides a clearer view in adverse weather conditions.
  • ‘Clip-on’ stability – this scope has been developed to handle the increased stresses caused by clip-on attachments, such as thermal imagers and night vision equipment, without these affecting performance.
  • Zeiss T* Coating – a constantly adjusted lens treatment that increases light transmission and with it the quality of the image, especially under low light conditions. 
  • Zeiss testing – during its development, this scope was subjected to a series of intensive tests, including:
  • Temperature stable – tested from minus 25 to plus 50 degrees C.
  • Shockproof – subjected to a g-force of 1500 times, then continuously vibrated in all directions for 90 minutes.
  • Water/weatherproof – long-term complete immersion tests, backed by a 24-hour continuous spray with salt water. 
  • The scope was required to withstand all levels of testing with no effect on its performance. 

Technical specifications
Model: Conquest V4 6-24 x 50
Manufacturer: Zeiss
Country of origin: Germany
Lens housing diameter: Objective 56mm. Eyepiece 34mm
Exit pupil dia: 7.5 to 2.1
Eye relief: 90mm
Reticle: Zeiss 60 – three post and fine central cross with variable-intensity illuminated central spot
Focal range on full magnification: 10 metres to infinity
Tube diameter: 30mm
Length: 368mm, 14.5 ins.    
Weight: 690 gms. 24.3 oz
Price: £1,175