There’s a new Glock in town, the Gen5. There are already a fair few CO2- powered Glocks from Umarex; their first iteration, the G19 stick-magazine BB pistol; the G17 Gen4 and Gen5, full-size magazine BB pistols; the dual-ammo Glock17, and the tan-coloured Glock19x. This new model is different, though, because the magazine holds 21 .177 pellets – and that’s some firepower, right there!

The box is of cardboard, with same design as other Glocks - text on the side to denote the model, and the pistol fits snugly inside, along with the manual and a a small hex key for the CO2 capsule insertion. Hard cases are available, including ones with the Glock logo, which looks rather fetching, and they’re padded inside. The manual is of the same Glock high standard and design, showing how to load, aim the sights and a blow-back diagram.

The pistol feels solidly constructed and has a nice weight in the hand - 830g, which is only 45g lighter than the fully loaded Glock17 real steel version. To maintain authenticity, Umarex has acquired the licence for all correct trades and logos to go on to their branded pistols, such as model details and logo on the slide, whereas the airgun details and serial number are discreetly on the underside of the frame. Umarex have put ‘4.5mm’ on the barrel, only visible when the slide is in its rearward position - a nice touch.

air pellets
The magazine, along with a couple of pellet options

Within the airgun details on the underside of the frame is the mandatory airgun safety, rather hard to function and in an awkward place, but this is only area to put it to keep the authenticity. If you decide to fit a torch or laser to the underside Picatinny rail, you won’t be able to use it., so as always, maintain your safety precautions and trigger discipline.


The real Glocks have trigger safety bars, as does this Umarex version. I own a few of the Umarex Glocks, so I am used to the bar safetys and this one works perfectly fine without snagging, as some people have mentioned regarding previous models. Above the trigger are the slide-release catches, and these look like they are moulded in the frame, although there two small screws underneath the rear slide that may be used to remove it, but I am not chancing it.

air pistol
There's a nifty safety under the barrel 

On to the pistol grip; once again, it has the logo and correct form of stippling as on the real-steel version, and the base plate of the magazine is also adorned with the Glock logo.

Releasing the magazine from the grip reveals a belted magazine system, similar to the Walther PPQ M2 magazine. Inserting the CO2 capsule is just as on any other CO2 pistol, using a hex key, just don’t over-tighten.

This is a nice touch on the barrel 


Now we came to loading the pellets. I chose H&N FTT Dome and Bisley Practice Flatheads, which I inserted into the circular rubber belt, and both fitted fine. The belt was really stiff when I was manually turning it to insert the 21 pellets, and it definitely felt harder to do than with the PPQ M2 when I had that to test. Once I had the pistol loaded, I set up our Speed Challenge Target at 6 yards. I chose this target because it has a large circle, and my main objective was to see how the trigger and belt magazine preformed - I wasn’t looking for any grouping measurements or scores.

I found that the trigger safety ran smoothly, but the trigger is quite heavy due to the belt system, and I was expecting it to be that way. I took five shots at first with the pellets striking near enough the centre, then shot the remaining magazine into the same target. The group spread out widely, but this was a combination of the heavy trigger and me not taking my time and composing myself. The recoil from the blow-back is quite sharp, although, all in all, I was quite happy with how it handled.


I made a video, which is up on our YouTube channel, and there is also a QR Code for ‘The First Shots Fired’. I then decided to give the 6 yard Pistol Competition a go; simply 5 shots double-handed, and 5 shots single-handed. Really, I should have shot a few more magazines and got used to single-handed shooting because the pistol was really hard to keep still and lined up on target for each shot.

When working out why the belt was stiff to load and rotate, I had an email from James, at John Rothery Wholesale, giving me a few short demo videos for a tip on how to free-up the belt, which was to spray silicone oil on to the belt whilst rotating it round. I did that and could feel the belt become smoother.

Instead of going back to paper targets, I went on to our Metal Terminator targets made by Gr8fun Targets - and a bit of can shooting. Now this was more like it! The trigger felt lighter, cycling was much smoother, and I was hitting the plates and making the cans dance around down my range.

After a few magazines and CO2 capsules - as usual I intended to count how many shots you get out of a capsule, but I was having too much fun and forgot - I put the pistol away, with a smile on my face.

I seriously need to work on my single-handed shooting!


The following day, I was back out in my range and I set up another fun shoot, using my portable porthole screen, where you shoot either a square hole, or a small circle hole, under the screen, or to the side of the screen, to acquire your targets.

This time, I had a different set of Terminator targets, again blasting away to my heart’s content and giving myself certain sequences - which target to shoot, and from which position within the screen. The Glock pre-formed great and I was tinging on the metal plates, with no ricochets when the lead pellets would deform on impact and fall straight onto the floor. This time, I did get a count of shots - you get three magazines’ worth with one CO2 capsule.

All I need to do is get more practice, shooting single-handed, so I can tighten up my groups, and then enter the 6-yard Competition with more confidence and composure - this is what makes shooting fun, and challenging at the same time.

Tech spec

  • Energy Level: <3.0J
  • Velocity: 120m/s (394 fps)
  • Calibre: .177
  • Power Source: 1x 12g CO2
  • Shot Capacity: 60 rounds
  • Magazine Capacity: 21 rounds
  • Trigger: Single/double-action
  • Safety: Automatic trigger safety, and sliding safety
  • Length: 202mm
  • Weight: 830g