Situated at the end of Whitewater Lane in Blyth, just a stone’s throw south of Doncaster, you’ll find one of the biggest and best outdoor airgun clubs in the UK. I never knew it was there, and neither did you, probably. 

The reason being is that the club is relatively new, opening its door to members at the end of September last year. 

It’s the brainchild of Danny Brookfield, who has built Camelots Air Rifle Club from scratch to where it is today. I’d only heard about the club through a mutual friend and one of the first members, Mark Foster, but we were soon chatting via email all about the club and how it all began. I also met Danny’s right-hand man, Dom Hollands, during my visit, and he too is an absolute gent, making me feel welcome from the get go with hot coffee and Mars bars! Camelot 2


It’s not often I have a truly ‘Wow’ moment, but when I arrived at the club I was overwhelmed with what I saw. Rows of picnic benches laid out in front of the clubhouse, proper toilet facilities, a whole host of range huts each with their own dedicated lanes, and of course the on-site café area, where hot and cold drinks are served along with snacks. Dom greeted me with a smile and told me all about the place and what Danny had done to it whilst we waited for him to arrive, which he did just moments after the kettle had boiled – that’s a common occurrence apparently, it’s like he can hear it boiling before he arrives! 

After a really good chat it was time to hit the plinking range. I’d taken my trusty Air Arms S510R with me for a little bit of loving, so that was my main task for the next 30 minutes or so. Soon after we’d all had enough plinking, we headed back to the club house, where Danny told me about his plans for a proper café area to serve bacon butties and pasties, and maybe even a BBQ zone too for some summer parties – I could see myself sitting at one of the benches munching burgers in the sunshine as he was telling me. 

After another coffee and yet more chocolate, Danny and Dom asked if I’d like to shoot their latest woodland HFT course with them. I politely declined to take my rifle with me, instead focussing on getting some photos for this feature instead, so off we headed to the second of two woodland courses they’ve got there. 

During the short walk to the course, its less than two minutes down the field, Danny explained where the name ‘Camelots’ came from, and it transpired that the entire site has been found to have been a Medieval jousting arena. No really, it is! I did laugh when we got to the woodland course and saw a big sign that said ‘Sir Lancealot Woodland Course’ – I’d completely missed the ‘King Arthur Field Course’ sign as we walked past it. 

As the lads began to shoot and mark their cards, we continued our chat whilst I took more photos. I don’t know if it was the pressure of me being there with the camera, or the constant banter that put them both off, but they won’t mind me telling you that they both shot like pigs that afternoon, scoring their lowest ever scores for the course. Of course we all laughed it off, and that seems to be par for the course at this club, all the members I have met have told me the exact same thing – it’s a really friendly, funny place to be. There are lighthearted jokes flying about all day between the members, and the general atmosphere is just brilliant. 

I’ll definitely be heading back there soon, and if you’re within driving distance I strongly recommend that you take a day out and pay them a visit to see for yourself just how good this club really is. Right then, let’s get into the nitty gritty and tell you what’s on offer here. 
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I thought now would be a good time to tell you about the cost of joining this club, rather than leaving it right until the end. One thing about Danny, he’s not in this to make money. He’s just a really nice guy who is passionate about his sport, and this is reflected in the pricing. The amount of work that he has put into this club is astounding, and even whilst I was there he was telling me about future plans, building, new ideas and such like – There’s a never-ending list of things he wants to do with the place. 

To join Camelots Air Rifle Club it costs just £20 per month – and you get to shoot as often and for as long as you want! There is a £50 refundable deposit required for your own key to the gate, and if you ever decide to cancel your membership you get your £50 back. If you want to join with a child under the age of 18, the price is £30 per month, making it £10 a month for juniors. 

Access to the site is 7 days a week for members, whilst non-members can book online for a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday or Sunday session on the Plinking range. For non-members prices are £10 for two hours (online booking only), and shooting lessons are £25 per hour. 

Opening hours are 9am to 3p for non-members, with a late night Wednesday until 7pm. For members it’s the same opening time, but the ranges close at 5pm (again 7pm on a Wednesday). 


Plinking Range 

You don’t have to be a member to enjoy the plinking range. It’s a fantastic way for newcomers to get a taste of airgun shooting, and that’s why anyone can come and shoot it for the day. Plus, you can conveniently reserve your spot via the online booking system, which lets you schedule a lane during the designated hours. It’s easy and user-friendly, and guarantees that you’ll get a lane and won’t have to wait around once you turn up. 

Booking a lane on the plinking range is more than just shooting. It’s an opportunity to explore what Camelots Air Rifle Club has to offer. Take a look around and see their commitment to quality and safety first-hand, before you decide to become a member. 

Members Ranges 

As a member, you can enjoy the freedom to come and go within the exclusive opening hours of the members’ ranges. The club is tailored for convenience and flexibility, ensuring you can practice your shooting passion at times that suit you best. Their expert staff are always on hand to offer guidance and support, and they even provide one on one tuition for people who want to learn the very basics of the sport. 

Pistol Range: Perfect for those who prefer the challenge of handgun shooting. The pistol range is meticulously laid out to provide a variety of shooting experiences. Whether you’re fine-tuning your aim or practicing for competitive events, the range is equipped to meet your needs. 

Silhouette Range: Test your skills with varying target silhouettes, a favorite among sharpshooters. This range features a variety of metal targets shaped like animals and other figures. These targets are set at varying distances, providing a challenging yet enjoyable experience for shooters of all levels. It is ideal for both competitive training and recreational shooting. It provides an engaging environment for those looking to compete in silhouette shooting events or simply enjoy a unique shooting experience. 

Field Target (FT) Hunter Field Target (HFT) and Sticks Field Course: Engage in realistic shooting scenarios, honing your field and hunter skills. 

Spread across a diverse landscape, this course features 15 lanes, each with its own unique setup and challenges. These lanes are designed to test your skills and adaptability in different shooting scenarios. With a total of 30 shots across the course, shooters have ample opportunity to demonstrate precision and consistency. The course stretches out to 55 yards, offering a range of distances to cater to various skill levels. This variation allows shooters to practice both short and long-range shots, honing their skills in distance estimation and wind reading. To add to the challenge, our course features targets with different kill zone sizes. This diversity demands precision and skill, making each shot a thrilling test of marksmanship. 

Field Target (FT) Hunter Field Target (HFT) and Sticks Woodland Courses:  

There are currently two woodland courses, featuring 18 intricately designed lanes, each nestled within the serene woodland environment. These lanes offer a variety of natural obstacles and shooting angles, providing an immersive experience that blends skill with the beauty of nature. 

With a total of 36 shots across the course, shooters engage in a comprehensive test of their abilities. The course layout is thoughtfully designed to challenge your precision and strategic thinking at every turn. 

Stretching out to 55 yards, the course provides a wide range of distances, as well as a variety of kill zones, set out to challenge shooters of all skill levels.  

Zeroing Range 

Purpose-Built for Accuracy, the zeroing range is set up to support fine-tuning of sights and scopes. Adaptable for Different Shooting Styles, this range accommodates a variety of shooting disciplines. Whether you’re into field target or sticks shooting, the range is equipped for your needs. 

With targets at multiple distances, you can zero in your air rifles for both close-range and long-range accuracy, depending on your preference. The zeroing range is constantly monitored for safety. Their experienced staff are on hand to provide assistance, ensuring an effective and safe experience for all members. 

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Car Park: The main car park fits 30 vehicles with ease, and there are plans to extend this. There is extra parking for those busy days and big events. You’ll always find a spot here. Onsite Amenities: Your comfort matters to Camelots. That’s why their toilets are always clean and ready for you.  

Friendly Reception Area: Walk in and feel welcomed right away in the reception area. It’s also the go-to place for members to sign in and kickstart their day.  

Helpful Rangers On-Site: Need assistance or advice? The on-site rangers are always on standby to ensure your safety and enhance your experience.  

Convenient Shop and Snacks: Hungry? Need more pellets? The on-site shop has got all your needs covered, from tasty snacks to shooting supplies.  


First of all you need to check out their Facebook page. It’s regularly updated and you can get a real feel for what the club is all about and who the members are there. 

Next you must visit their website at:  

It’s packed full of information, photos and news about the club.  

You can email them at: or call on: 01302 439391.