Mark Camoccio examines the new Wraith Silencers from Range Right, which are super effective while adding minimal weight to your set-up

Over the years, I’ve occasionally heard friends or associates throw up the astonishing question: ‘Why fit a silencer to an airgun?’ following up with, ‘Surely, they’re so quiet enough, anyway.’ Users of live firearms are often the culprits, having had perhaps no experience whatsoever of airguns. 

OK, alongside a shotgun, our noisiest kit is still pretty tame, but take a PCP, particularly one with a shortened barrel, out into a back yard, and the muzzle crack can be significant, to say the least! Blat away, practising on a prime sunny afternoon for any length of time, and the neighbours will soon be cursing your name, tearing their hair out – or both.

Yes, we may well legally have the right to shoot in the garden, but no shooter with half a brain wants to rile the neighbours intentionally, and it does nothing for the shooting world’s PR. Fit a silencer, and you’ll be amazed at the way the sound is contained, dissipated, and reduced to tolerant levels, keeping all in the vicinity happy.

credit: Archant

New From Range Right
Just as I’ve recently been highlighting the silencer market, along comes a brand new range of models from Range Right. Wraith Silencers are designed and manufactured in the UK, and they are rather smart into the bargain. A key feature and a clever move in my book, is that the customer is able to fine-tune the order, to suit a particular gun or situation.

There’s a full length ‘Standard’ specification, which is 6 1/8inch long, or the mini-version which comes in at just over half that. That’s 155mm against 90mm if you insist in new money, but the beauty of these new models is that they are also ultra-lightweight, so it’s not very easy to unbalance a favourite rifle combo.

The Standard model weighs just 2.5oz (70gms), whilst the Mini comes in at a wisp-like 1.9oz (52gms). Those figures are astounding whichever way you look at it, and the lack of weight will be a major plus point for many.

credit: Archant

Insider Dealing
If, like me, you appreciate the basic principles behind silencer design – as in expansion chambers and baffles, then the design of these Wraiths will have you salivating. That very attractive outer shell is made from carbon-fibre, of course – the popular material known for being light yet super-strong.

Inside that shell, there’s an inner synthetic core which features a series of baffles, ported in such a way to allow the air flow to dissipate in a controlled manner. Further material wadding is incorporated, and the result is a technical tool, ready to fight decibel output. Stating the obvious, but the Standard full-length spec’ features more baffles, and greater area for expansion, so inevitably will be that bit more effective in the field.

Take a look at my two test models, and you’ll notice that the full-length Standard model has been supplied with a  matte body tube, whilst the Mini sports that attractive, and of course more lairy gloss finish. Make a statement, or stay subtle and practical? It’s a difficult decision, I know. The options, listed below, show just how these silencers can be specified, so you effectively choose, whether you go Mini or Standard, gloss or matte, and you can even specify those natty silver screw-in end caps, or stay with black.

credit: Archant

So, how do these moddies shape up? Well, I’ve never owned technical sound measuring meters, so I can’t give a scientific answer, but what I can do is give you a rough idea back in the real world. Fitting is simple via the half-inch UNF standard thread, and I screwed each silencer in turn onto my test rifle that I had on loan, and handy for evaluation.

A Cometa Lynx, with a compact configuration was an ideal PCP model, given its ultra-short barrel. First fired with nothing in place, and the muzzle crack was harsh and obtrusive, but with the Mini Wraith screwed into place, all those harsh notes were removed, and whilst there was still a notable report, it was significantly  muffled. Switched to the full-length Standard Wraith, and that aggressive muzzle blast was well and truly dissipated, down to a whisper.

Pretty Effective 
So all in all, these new Wraith silencers are great looking, add minimal weight to a rifle scope combo, and are pretty damn effective – with the emphasis on the pretty! Not quite deathly quiet, as the Wraith moniker suggests, but extremely effective nonetheless. Wraith Silencers are available via the Range Right dealer network, and can be specified as per the specification listed below. 

Wraith Silencers – 8 options:
Standard Length, gloss finish- with black end cap     £59.99
Standard Length, gloss finish- with silver end cap    £59.99
Standard Length, matte finish- with black end cap    £59.99
Standard Length, matte finish- with silver end cap    £59.99
Mini Length, gloss finish- with black end cap    £56.99
Mini Length, gloss finish- with silver end cap    £56.99
Mini Length, matte finish- with black end cap    £56.99
Mini Length, matte finish- with silver end cap    £56.99

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