These new H&N Slug HP .177 slugs are causing quite a stir amongst FAC rifle holders. I say 'FAC' because these slugs are designed for High Powered (HP) rifles, which can shoot such projectiles precisely at targets at 50 or 100 metres distance. 

An extremely favourable ballistic coefficient (BC) ensures a flat trajectory and excellent energy retention with these slugs, and they are proving popular amongst small-game hunters all over the world. 


To accommodate different power levels, there are three different weight options including 13gr, 16gr, and 20gr with 350, 300 and 250 slugs per tin.

Obviously the 16gr and 20gr are way too heavy for a sub-12 ft.lbs. rifle, but I have tried the 13gr slugs in my BSA R10 and they did actually come out of the end of the barrel okay. I found them very accurate out to 20 metres, but after that the lack of power behind them saw them drop away quite considerably. I only tried them in one of my rifles because H&N state that the 13gr slugs can be shot from a minimum 12 ft.lbs. rifle – all in the name of science I tell you!


The recommended muzzle energy of the rifle used to shoot these slugs should be at least 16 joules (Sub-12), but for best results H&N recommends 30 joules or 22 ft.lbs. plus.

I’ll be doing some more experimentation on the range with a couple more of my .177 sub 12 rifles, just to see if I can push the accuracy and effectiveness out just that little bit further – at present, for me, they’re great for close-range rats in the barn and for making big holes in tin cans! 


Price is to be confirmed, but expect to pay around £19.99 per tin.
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