MTC Optics have come a long way since they were originally set up by competition shooters, Gary and Sammie Cooper, and it's been something of a company ethos that shooter input and feedback be utilised moving forward. The result is a slowly evolving product range that reflects market trends, as well as innovations and improvements, borne from experience in the field.

It's All In The Name

The company's current line-up of scopes is modern in concept and design, and on test here is the

MTC Mamba Ultra Lite 3-10 x 40. As the name suggests, weight reduction is a key feature, and at 19.5oz, this is one of the lightest models in their range. I'm no fan of chunky over-sized turrets, unless on an FT scope, where target turrets might be needed to dial in ranges. They make a scope unnecessarily bulky, and can even be too wide for certain hard cases. Not an overly clever move then, so I'm pleased to observe that the turrets here, are of the low-profile, screw-cap variety. The left turret is larger because this has the usual dual role to play. The inner dial is for parallax correction, whilst the outer rim houses the reticle illumination rheostat and battery.

General Spec’

This scope is built around a one-inch body tube, which again helps to reduce overall mass. All the lenses have been treated to a multi-coating process for improved light transmission, and there's a highly practical anti-glare finish applied to the body tube. Magnification is variable between 3x – up to 10x, which is really handy, since in practical terms, the scope can be wound right down for easy clarity at super-near targets, which is great for when you just need to see everything. Wind up to the maximum 10x, set parallax to a mid-setting, and there's usable clarity throughout usual HFT target distances, 8-45 yards, for instance. Any benefit in HFT should translate into real-world hunting, so versatility is effectively part of the deal.

No surprises with the rear-mounted dioptre, fast-focus bell around the ocular lens, and this needs the usual twist to get sharp definition of both reticle and viewed subject.

Integral Magnifier

It's usual for MTC to offer screw-on style, metal lens covers, and whilst I do find these a little irritating due to the way they need setting up to be tight and sit at the right point on the body tube, the fact that this scope comes with an integral lens magnifier set into the rear flip-up cap, can't be so easily dismissed.

What a clever (and patented) idea this is, too! A magnetic flip-up lens cover at the rear that incorporates a 2x magnifying lens. Firstly, both caps spring open and can then be set in three positions other than closed horizontal, straight up, or lying flat back. That's pretty clever already, but now look at the rear cap. Set it in the ‘up’ position, and with the screw cap removed from the elevation turret, all the markings are then magnified, and can be read off easily. Now in my mid-fifties, I'm well aware of what it is to have changing eyesight, on the blink so to speak, so this feature I know will find massive appeal, with more mature shooters.

Reticle and Range Confirmation

Click values are quarter inch, so fairly standard, audible and positive. As for the left turret parallax dial, ranges are marked up as 10 yards, then 15, 25, 30, 40, 75, 100, 150, 200, 300, 500, 1000 and infinity. The reticle fitted is MTC's SCB2 design and this is very precise, offering a multitude of reference points. As is so often the case, though, the fine design can prove a little too fine when viewed against a dark background. For the record, true mil-dot values come into play, when magnification is set and viewed on 10x. Of course, there is illumination if desired – 7-step no less, via the push button rheostat mounted left side.

Image quality is well up to spec’ for the money, and on test, tracking and dialling all came in on the money. Dialling through the magnification collar has another hidden feature, namely the 'easy reference' indent on the magnification ring. Twist through the mag’s, and there's an audible click as the dial  reaches 5x magnification, which is handy feedback in the field, without having to take your eyes off the target. In use, that reticle is quite 'busy', with a full diagram over the target. However, the floating central cross, by definition, allows plenty of target to be visible, and offers half-mil segments. Add in the bolder outer posts for guidance, and all the aim points offered via ‘the Christmas tree', and this is a comprehensive design indeed.


Talking of comprehensive, there's also one of the best instruction booklets supplied, covering all the queries that any newcomer to our sport may have – even how to shim the mounts if necessary! That built-in magnifier is an inspired idea, and all in, this is just a very well thought out piece of glassware. All the usual guarantees get a tick – fogproof, shockproof and waterproof, and there's even a manufacturers five-year guarantee. So yes, for £208, an easy recommendation.  

Technical Specification

Model:  MTC Mamba Ultra Lite 3-10 x 40
Country of Origin:  China
Magnification:  3x-10x
Objective Lens Diameter:  40mm
Reticle:  MTC SCB2
Weight:  19.5oz
Eye relief:  3.5-3.2”
Click Values:  1/4inch@100yds
Field of View:  37.4- 12.1ft @100yds
Body Tube:  1”
Minimum Focus:  10yds
Length:  13.6”
Turret Type:  Low profile, screw cap, finger-friendly
Clicks per rotation:  50 elevation/ 50 windage
No. of Full Rotations:  6.5 elevation/ 6..3 windage
Contact:  MTC Optics

Price:                                      £208