Dave Barham reveals the new Mito competition pistol range from Reximex; the gun displayed stunning accuracy, and was "such a lovely thing to shoot" that Dave can't wait to see what Reximex comes up with next!

Last month I reviewed the Myth rifle from new company on the block, Reximex. I was very impressed with it, both in terms of performance and build quality, but this next piece of kit to exit the factory is something else entirely – it’s a regulated PCP competition pistol!

credit: Archant

The Mito pistol has an amazing grip
When it comes to air pistols I love them all, from the palm-sized CO2 models to the massive gas-ram break-barrels, but the new Mito range has blown me away. 

There are two versions available, but I’ll come onto that in a minute. The one I have here is the walnut ‘swell’ grip model, and what a grip it is! I’ve never had a pistol fit my hand so well. Everything about it screams confidence. It has been designed in such a way that the lip at the top of the grip helps to lock your hand into place.

It sits a good inch or more over the crease between your thumb and index finger when holding the pistol, and this, coupled with the extended plate at the base of the grip for your little finger to rest on, completes the fit – your hand literally feels enveloped by the grip and a part of the pistol.

I really felt like the pistol was just an extension of my hand and arm whilst shooting it. It’s ambidextrous, too, and the stippling on this walnut version feels great in the palm of your hand.

credit: Archant

Reximex Mito models available
I mentioned that there are a couple of models available. As well as this flagship walnut grip model, there are synthetic grip models, too, which also include a removable shoulder stock, which turns the pistol into a mini rifle!

These synthetic grip versions are also available with coloured anodised barrel shrouds, like the blue one pictured, or red, or orange. There’s not a great deal of difference in the price between the two models, either, with the walnut grip model costing £499 and the synthetic models a tad less at £475.

credit: Archant

The Mito's technical credentials
On to the technical gubbins, then; this PCP pistol is extremely well made. There’s not a dot of plastic to be found on it – it’s all machined from high-grade aluminium. 

The Mito is fitted with a regulator, which not only gives increased accuracy, but it also gives you more shots. You get 40 shots from the 50cc air reservoir before the pressure drops from 250 bar to 100 bar. 

There’s a large gauge on the very end of the reservoir, which is very easy to read and is also colour coded, and the fill port is unmissable. The port is open, and I couldn’t see any sort of plug in the case – that’s the only negative thing I could muster for this particular offering.

It has a sidelever action, which again is extremely well made. It takes minimal effort to cock and load this pistol, and the action of pulling the lever back and pushing it forward is both smooth and solid.

Weighing in at 900g, the Mito is a joy to hold and shoot and as you would expect it is extremely well balanced, with the pivot point of the bare pistol situated about 1.5 inches in front of the trigger blade. This changes to pretty much bang on the trigger once you add a red-dot sight to the rear end. Yes, the supplied iron sights, both front and rear, are removable and you can mount all manner of optics on top of the 11mm Picatinny dovetail rail.

The end of the barrel is also threaded for ½in UNF to allow fitting of a silencer.

credit: Archant

The Reximex Mito match trigger
Because this is a PCP match trigger it takes minimal effort to pull. We’re talking grams, not pounds. It’s a two-stage system, with the first stage travelling just two or three millimetres before the crisp second-stage release.

The pad of my index finger sits perfectly on the gently curved blade, and I would say that it’s a far better trigger unit than you’ll find on a lot of rifles! It’s everything I envisage a match trigger to be.

The safety button is situated immediately above the trigger, and this too is as snug as a bug. There’s absolutely no wobble – it’s solid and positive.

credit: Archant

The Mito comes with 14-shot rotary magazine
This pistol comes supplied in a rather snazzy hard case, complete with two 14-shot rotary magazines, plus a single-shot tray, fill probe, Allen keys and a bunch of spare seals.

The rotary mag’s are just miniature versions of the standard Reximex mag’s, with a clear plastic cover that needs to be ‘wound’ anti-clockwise in order to wind the spring inside and allow you to load the pellets. 

These miniature mag’s have thin, raised bars moulded in, which correspond to thin lips machined into the block of the pistol. There’s only one way to slide the mag’ into the loading port, and this is from the right-hand side. It’s a snug fit, but the mag’ slides in perfectly with minimal effort. This is just another amazing piece of design, and it’s microns accurate – once in, the mag’ sits perfectly.

credit: Archant

Dave's Verdict
I really found it hard to put this pistol down. It’s just such a lovely thing to shoot and is insanely accurate, pushing out a consistent 520fps, which equates to just under 5 ft.lbs.

I’m no competition shooter, but the way this pistol performs is way beyond my ability and actually makes me look good! I’d love to see it in the hands of someone who really knows what they are doing. 

I’ve got to say it, the two products I have seen come out of the Reximex factory so far are exceptional. I wonder what’s next? 

credit: Archant

Tech Specs
Model: Mito
Distributor: Range-Right
Website: www.range-right.co.uk
Calibre: .177 pellet
Mag Capacity:    14 shots
Action: Sidelever
Velocity: 520fps
Trigger: Single action
Cylinder Volume: 50cc
Fill Pressure: 250 bar
Overall Length: 600mm (23.6in)
Barrel length: 200mm (7.9in)
Weight: 900g
Shot Count: Around 40 to 100 bar
Price: From £475