Tim Finley gets right behind the latest Crosman 2250 XL

credit: Archant

I first shot a Crosman 2250B ‘Ratcatcher’ as it was launched in the UK, way back in 1999, just a year after it hit these shores. Roll forward to 2019, and the Crosman 2250XL has the same basic DNA, but is way different to the gun I shot back then. One clue is in the name; XL refers to the longer barrel, and it’s an ‘extra-large’ 2250, for sure, but it’s still a 2250. The cut-out stock coming off the pistol grip is the same, and so is the single, 12-gram CO2 power plant, but Crosman have massively improved the 2250, in my opinion.

For a start, the steel-made breech block has an 11mm scope rail machined into the top. The first 2250 models had a short, plastic breech block taken straight from the 2240 pistol, and it needed an inter-mount (Crosman Pro Blox) that clamped onto the barrel, to fit a scope or red dot on the two 20mm long 11mm rails. The early 2250s also retained the open sights of the 2240 – a simple system, but it worked. The XL with its steel breech block and sight rails has no open sights.

credit: Archant

Fast on aim

What struck me in 1999 was the diminutive stature of the 2250B and the lightness, but even with the longer barrel, the XL really is a pointable rifle as well as being ambidextrous. The pull length on the 1399 stock is a little long at 402mm, but it feels very comfortable, and the 2250 is just one of those pointable guns that look a bit odd at the outset, but when you shoot it you realise that it’s a superb little rifle.

The really short fore end, coming from the fact that it’s based upon a pistol, brings the supporting hand/arm back toward the body of the shooter, and with no weight at the front end either, it is very fast on the aim – perfect for short-range rat shooting, in fact.

credit: Archant

Short-range hunting rifle

Over the chronograph the longer barrel on the XL gave me 25 shots from the 12-gram CO2 capsule. With 14.3 grain .22 Crosman Accupells it produced 9 ft.lbs. You can get up to 35 shots, but the power drops, and during my test, shot 35 was 7 ft.lbs; 25 shots at 9 ft.lbs., out of a tiny 12-gram CO2 bulb is still very impressive, though. There is no recoil, and you can fit five bulbs in your pocket without noticing them, so it’s got a lot going for it.

A moderator fitted to the 2250XL makes it a viable short-range hunting rifle. For rats or feral pigeons in barns, the .22 pellet has more chance of staying within the quarry and not damaging the farmer’s precious buildings – or even worse, putting holes in his roof. The industry standard ½” UNF thread is protected by a removable steel collar.

I found that I had to fit a muzzle brake to the 2250 XL when shooting it over my chronograph because the gasses vented out of the barrel, causing it to record the feet per second intermittently. I shot it at the range with a brake on too, so sue me.

credit: Archant

Worth the money

Crosman supplied a Center-Point 4 x 32 scope and Crosman scope mounts, and with these fitted, the XL did the business at the range. The short bolt throw makes the 2250 a fast action to load and fire, even as a single-shot rifle. It is so light that I could load the pellet in with my left hand, from my neck pellet pouch, after I had cocked the rifle with my right trigger hand. I haven’t shot a 2250 for a few years, but it all came flooding back.

credit: Archant

The manual safety catch sits right behind the trigger, but it’s impossible to put on ‘safe’ with the trigger hand by pushing the button in on the left-hand side. For right-handed shooters, the supporting or left hand has to be used. When you are ready, the trigger finger can push the button to the left, and a red ring appears at the top of the button.

The trigger weight is 2.3kg – not light, but it is easy to shoot the 2250 XL accurately. I was pleasantly surprised by the Center-Point scope. It’s small size suits the 2250 XL, but I’d like to see Crosman go for a mil-dot reticle these days, rather than the older 30/30 duplex design. The 2250 XL is 60 quid more than the standard 2250, but it’s way worth the little extra money.

The 2250, in whichever form, will be with us for years to come – as a recoilless rifle with a simple power system, it’s wonderful. If you don’t have a Crosman in your gun cabinet then you can’t go wrong starting with a 2250 XL.

Something to think about

If a lightweight rifle is what you need, then the 2250 XL has a lot to offer.

Thanks to all at ASI for help in the production of this article.


Manufacturer: Crosman

Country of origin: USA

Distributor: ASI on 01728 688555

Model: 2250 XL

Type: Air rifle

Power source: 12 grm CO2 bulb

Calibre: .22 (5.5mm)

Safety: Manual

Overall length: 875mm

Barrel length: 485mm

Pull length: 400mm

Weight: 1.64kg

Trigger weight: 2.3kg

RRP: £225