ASG's replica Silver Schofield airgun brings the style, romance and authenticity of the Wild West to target shooting and historical re-enactments.

Introducing the new 1:1 replica airgun of the legendary revolver and it’s available to buy now. Boasting a beautiful silver skin, ivory textured grip and a new, half-length rifled barrel for improved power and accuracy.

airgun The full-metal body Schofield will appeal to those wanting single-shot accuracy and power on the shooting range, historical reenactors and discerning gun collectors looking for a statement piece for their display cabinet.

It takes dummy cartridges, for added authenticity, each holding a single pellet which are loaded into it top-break style. The Schofield revolver functions just like the real thing – including the ejector that quickly releases the spent cases for faster reload when there’s multiple targets.

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  • CO2
  • 2.9 joules
  • Half-length rifled barrel
  • Top-break loading
  • Full-metal body
  • Ivory Texture Grip
  • Cartridges included