When I first saw the BSA R12 CLX Takedown rifle in what looked like a small suitcase at the recent British Shooting Show, I was intrigued as to how it all worked and couldn’t wait to get my hands on one. As it happens, I’ve managed to secure one of the first production models, and here it is!

This single ‘quick dial’ screw connects the action.
Simply drop the action into the stock and insert the screw.
Do the screw up until it is fingertight and you’re almost ready. 

Quick Fix

Opening the tough synthetic carry case reveals the R12 action with a 480cc carbon fibre buddy bottle. Scoped with a 3-9x50 mildot BSA optic it is almost ready for use minus the stock, which is quickly attached by one single ‘quick dial’ stock screw – it took me exactly 18 seconds to take the stock out of the case, drop the action in and fully tighten the screw, plus another 10 seconds to attach the moderator. That’s pretty impressive, being able to assemble the entire rifle in under 30 seconds!

Great Design

There are only two things on R12 rifles that have been used in previous BSA PCPs, those being the excellent trigger system and the famous cold hammer forged barrel – everything else has been designed, developed and manufactured from scratch for the range. Obviosly this new Takedown rifle has had a few tweaks in order to make it a true ‘takedown’, but other than that it is almost identical to the R12 CLX bolt action currently available – yes, it’s a bolt action. I know some of you reading this will be letting out a big ‘sigh’ right now, but I for one absolutely love BSA’s bolt action, and I much prefer it over a sidelever.

One of the key design features of all the R12 rifles is the ‘mono-block’ platform, which the entire gun is based around. Using a single piece of machined alloy has allowed BSA to reduce the number of components required to build this rifle, which in turn reduces its complexity and helps improve reliability and performance.

On one side of the block you’ll find the loading port for BSA’s rather excellent 12-shot CLX magazine, which incidentally provides 12 shots for both .177 and .22 calibres. These self-indexing mags are really easy to load and they feature a large ‘countdown’ window that is clearly visible, telling you how many shots you have left in the mag’. What’s more, you get two of them supplied in this kit.

On the very rear of the block you’ll find the manual safety lever. In the upright position it’s in ‘safe’ mode, but a quick flick to the left with your thumb and you’re ready to fire.

The other thing of note with all the R12 models is that BSA has developed a completely new regulator for this rifle. It delivers lower internal stress loading, greater stability and in turn reduced wear. To my knowledge there haven’t been many problems with these new regs over the past couple of years.

BSA R12 c
The new carbon-fibre bottle is a great addition.
Attach the BSA moderator to the end of the barrel.

Carbon Bottle!

I’ve seen a lot of comments on social media in recent years asking for a carbon fibre bottle, it seems that’s what a lot of shooters want these days. I’m pleased to say that BSA has listened and this new rifle incorporates a 480cc carbon bottle, which using the BSA Blackstar pellets provided, I was putting pellet on pellet at 30 metres with the .177 rifle I was sent for review.

This BSA trigger unit doesn’t really need any introduction either. It is three-way-adjustable for pull length, lateral and radial positions. The blade is nice and wide, and it comes set with a nice long first stage, with a very crisp release with absolutely no creep whatsoever. It’s one of my favourite hunting triggers for sure.

It also has to be said that the BSA moderator supplied does a brilliant job of supressing any muzzle crack, and so it should measuring 195mm long.

This is the magnetic fill port cover. You can fill the rifle by inserting the fill probe here.
Once filled, drop the magnetic cover on to proctect the fill port.

The Perfect Hunting Tool?

This compact set up is perfect for pest control situations as well as for taking to the range and it provides excellent space economy during storage. The case itself measures just 720 x 440 x 175mm, and will fit into the smallest of car boots because it is briefcase-shaped. For most of us, transporting a traditional rifle in a long hard case or gun slip means folding down a seat in the car, not so with this bad boy.

As far as performance goes, it does exactly what you’d expect it to do – pellet on pellet at 30 metres on the range. I may well revisit this rifle in a future issue in a hunting scenario, but for now I can’t wait to get out on the rabbits with this new Takedown model.

If there was just one thing that I would change it would be the layout of the case innards. At present the action fits into the case with the scope pointing downwards when closed for carrying, I’d much prefer to have it the other way up so that the scope is at the top near the handle when transporting – but that’s just me.

If you’ve been toying with the idea of buying a new rifle, then I really can’t recommend this new R12 CLX Takedown enough. It really does tick all the boxes for me, it’s got the looks, functional design and performance that you’d expect from a top-notch British manufacturer. A massive ‘Well Done’ to the BSA R&D team and engineers.

You get two magazines supplied in the case.
BSA’s trigger unit is superb.

    What’s In The Box

  • BSA R12 CLX soft touch stock
  • BSA Essential 3-9x50 scope with mounts
  • BSA CLX Action with 480cc carbon fibre buddy bottle
  • BSA Sound moderator
  • 2x BSA CLX Magazines
  • Fill probe and spare ‘o’ rings
  • A tin of Blackstar pellets
  • BSA padlock




Model: R12 CLX Takedown
Manufacturer: BSA
Type: PCP, multi-shot rotary mag’
Stock Material: Ambidextrous, soft touch
Cocking: Bolt action
Trigger: Two-stage, adjustable
Safety: Manual
Calibres: .177 and .22
Overall Length: 950mm (37.4in)
Barrel Length: 315mm (12.4in)
Weight: 3.45kg (7.6lbs) without scope
Fill Pressure: 230 bar
Shots Per Fill: 400 (.177), 440 (.22)
Energy of Test Rifle: Avg 11.5 ft.lbs. over 20 shots Variation (20 shots): 6fps
Website: www.bsaguns.co.uk

PRICE: £1,184