Back in 2022 I got to grips with the now legendary Alpha Wolf from Daystate, which was conceived and produced during the trials and tribulations of the Covid pandemic. Now in 2024 I’m presented with their new sportier ‘Special Edition Blue’ design, which has had a few key changes from the original conception.  


Before I start, let’s clear up a popular misconception. This is a ‘Special Edition’ rifle, not a ‘Limited Edition’. The big difference between the two is that when Daystate makes a Limited Edition, they only make a certain number of rifles. With their Special Editions, they make as many as there is a demand for, but they’re only on sale for a few months. Either way, the LE and SE models are all collector’s items. 

The 17-inch-long barrel version I have here is available in .177 and .22 calibers, but there is also a 23-inch-long barrel FAC HP version available in .25 and .30. 

Wolf 1


This Special Edition Blue model features a blue/grey laminate stock, and it’s a real head-turner! The rifle comes supplied in a hard case with a special edition plaque attached, plus a tin of Rangemaster pellets used to test and zero the rifle in the factory, and of course a blue 0dB silencer, which really sets this rifle’s look off.  

There is an additional package available costing £300, which actually works out at half the price of the components if you were to buy them separately, and this includes; An adjustable PRS but pad that fits to the rifle in seconds and allows a full range of adjustment for use on the range, a cheek riser assembly to enable full adjustment of the cheek piece height, angle and position, an Aim Grip bipod - a lightweight and useful accessory that clips onto the Alpha Wolf’s front picatinny rail, a bag rider – used to support the rifle when on a rest, and a black 0dB silencer - can be used to replace the blue silencer supplied for a more tactical look out in the field. 


The key to the Alpha Wolf’s functionality is the Advanced Velocity Technology (AVT) brain held withing the butt of the stock. That’s where all the magic happens, thanks to yet more circuitry and sensors around the body of the rifle. The AVT brain is controlled via a small LCD display moulded into the butt, and it features pre-set calibre-specific power levels, which are also linked to an integral chronograph. Every single shot you take is monitored and recorded, with the data available at the touch of the screen. You can see exactly how the pellets you’re using are performing, with instant data available after every shot giving you the speed in fps. 

Using the touchscreen display and onboard computer is very easy. To switch it all on you open the sidelever (don’t pull it all the way back and cock it), then switch the safety lever to safe. Now pull the trigger and hold it for 3 seconds and that unlocks the computer.  

On the home screen you’ll see the power level, reg bar pressure, and the fps chrono readout. Using you finger, swipe the screen left and you’ll hit the Power Settings menu. Tap the screen with your finger and it opens said menu and you can tinker away. If you keep scrolling left from the main menu you’ll find User Shot Settings, Magazine Shot Count, Night Mode On/Off, Backlight Settings, Auto Power Off Timer, Chrono On/Off and Rotate Screen menus. It’s all very easy to operate. 
Wolf 2


Daystate are constantly improving their software, and this particular model features new programming inside, which you are able to upgrade at the press of a button as and when upgrades become available. These upgrades are delivered via the Daystate Data Transfer Device, which comes included in the case. This unit connects the rifle directly to a Windows device to access an advanced range of performance enhancing adjustments, beyond those available via the rifle touchscreen alone. 

Whilst safeguards ensure output remains within the 12 ft.lbs. limit, the update opens up many of the power adjustments that had previously been available to owners of high-power models. These include the ability create user tables, input settings from other Alpha Wolf owners and revert to factory original and earlier custom settings. You can use this update to drop the power output of the Alpha Wolf, to say 8 ft.lbs., which can be very handy if you’re shooting rats or feral pigeons in a barn or cow shed. 

If you want to get really technical in setting up specific profiles, you can even adjust the hammer pulse length! 


A rifle of this quality requires the very best regulator, and just like their other PCP rifles, Daystate has installed a HUMA. They have also upgraded the valve system, with a fast flow valve that improves both shot count and efficiency from the 480cc carbon air reservoir. 


The sidelever on this Special Edition model is one that I haven’t seen before, and I love it! It’s a really chunky biathlon-type lever that has been designed to be used with the rifle mounted for continuous shooting. The lever itself has a very short stroke and requires absolutely no effort at all to cock. Even pushing the lever forward barely registers resistance, and that’s testament to the quality of design and nanometre tolerance of the pellet probe, which glides the pellet from the mag’ into the breech a single, fluid motion. 

The other great thing about this particular sidelever is that it can be changed from left to right in a matter of minutes by the user. The cheek riser is adjustable too, sitting on a dovetail rail so it can be slid forwards or backwards for the perfect fit. This truly is an ambidextrous rifle, straight out of the box – no need for visits to your local gunsmith to change stuff about. 


The carbon air cylinder sits directly underneath the barrel and can be filled to 240bar. It utilises Daystate’s quick-fill probe, and the fill port is cleverly housed underneath a magnetic shroud immediately in front of the trigger guard. Yet another clever piece of engineering from the boffins at Daystate HQ. And, unlike some other magnetic fill port covers, I have absolutely no doubt that this one is going to stay put, even during the rough and tumble of a hectic scramble through the woods whilst hunting – the magnets used are extremely strong and the flush design means it cannot be knocked off by a twig or a misplaced rest against a tree. 


It goes without saying that Daystate has incorporated their electronic trigger unit into this rifle, which is adjustable for both weight of pull and stage length. You can also alter the blade position for the ultimate fit. 

Then there’s the AR15-type safety lever, which is basically an electronic isolation switch. When set to the ‘Safe’ position the circuit is broken so the trigger won’t work, whereas when it’s moved to the ‘Fire’ position the circuit is reconnected and everything is ‘live’. Again, the safety lever is connected on both sides of the rifle, with a lever either side for those who shoot left-handed. 

When in the ‘Safe’ position it sits neatly parallel to the stock out of the way, but when you flip it down to ‘Fire’, the blade of the lever is directly where your trigger finger is in the shooting position so you can feel that the rifle is ‘Live’. It’s a tried and tested configuration on many automatic weapons around the world. 
Wolf 4


You don’t need me to tell you how good this rifle is on the range or in the field. As you would expect it is insanely accurate and an absolute joy to shoot – as it should be to reflect the price tag and the quality of the hardware inside. 

However, I am going to mention the fantastic optional extra PRS adjustable but pad. I absolutely love the adjustable single leg that protrudes from the base of this unit. To be honest, I’ve been thinking about this idea for a very long time. Those of you who have followed my exploits over the years will know that I love hunting rabbits, and that often involves me lying in a field in the prone position for hours on end with the butt of my rifle wedged into my shoulder, which can really make my body ache on occasions. 

This PRS butt pad is fully adjustable and could well make the arduous task of lying in a field much more enjoyable – especially if I can get the guys at PRS to make me a slightly longer leg. That way I can extend the bipod legs at the front, and the leg in the butt pad, to have the rifle sitting at a horizontal position at the perfect height to shoot the rabbits, without having to concentrate on having the rifle shouldered in the correct position all the time! 

I think I may need to make a few phone calls… 
Wolf 3


Model: Alpha Wolf Blue SE 
Manufacturer: Daystate
Type: Pre-charged, multi-shot, electronic 
Bottle Capacity: 480cc 
Max Fill Pressure: 240 bar 
Stock: Ambidextrous laminate 
Cocking: Sidelever, reversible 
Trigger: Electronic, adjustable 
Calibre: .177 and .22 (.25 and .30 FAC) 
Safety: Manual, electronic isolation lever 
Overall Length: 722mm (28.4in) 
Barrel Length: 430mm (17in) 
Magazine Capacity: 13 (.177) and 11 (.22) 
Weight: 7.4lbs (3.35kg) 
Shot Count: .177/400+ .22/450+ 
Muzzle Energy: 11.5 ft.lbs. 5fps variation over 10 shots 

PRICE: £2,350 (on test), from £2,650 FAC